Orthopedic Massage

Officially known as Hendrickson Method, this method of manual therapy was developed by Tom Hendrickson, D. C. based on his years of study in a variety of eastern practices and massage techniques and his training and mentorship with child prodigy and bodywork legend Lauren Berry.  The Hendrickson Method also draws from Mr. Hendrickson’s many years of Tai Chi practice,  as well his more than 20 years of experience in his very successful chiropractic practice.

Hendrickson Method is a form of manual therapy that is ideal for addressing a wide variety of soft tissue injuries, both acute and chronic.  It is both very comfortable to receive and very effective for pain relief and restoration of function.  Hendrickson Method practitioners are highly trained and highly respected in the field of massage, bodywork and manual therapy.

Currently, Sadhana Therapies employs Tiffany Turley, C.A.S., C.M.T..  For more information on Tiffany, see her page from the link above.


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